As time goes by…


does not mean "Back to THIRSTY MOON", though this is where you can find the roots of this music. Today we are living in the 21st century and computers and software instruments have brought new influences to music.


But the Telecaster-guitar is still the original one from 1973.

A real good time
You'll never come back
Thirsty Moon
beer poster
Thirsty Moon in Vechta
The OutcastsJürgen mit Gitarre

In the beginning …

During sports lessons at school Jürgen Drogies discovered that he was able to beat eigth notes with his right hand and quarter notes on two and four at the same time with the left hand. But finally it was his brother Norbert who became the drummer. His first drum kit consisted of chocolate boxes and Jürgen accompanied him playing the ukulele and later on the guitar.

The first band

In the late nineteen-sixties the two brothers formed their first band THE OUTCASTS. Besides cover versions they already played their own compositions. Strange situations occurred, e. g. someone from the audience asked: "Are you playing a song by the Rolling Stones?" Jürgen "No, they don't play our songs either."

Thirsty Moon

After a short period as DRP (=Drogies-Ranwig-Pickert) and a theatre project THIRSTY MOON was formed in the early seventies. The first line- up consisted of Norbert Drogies, Jürgen Drogies, Harald Konietzko, Erwin Noack, Willi Pape and Hans-Werner Ranwig.

Saxophone player Willi Pape worked at an advertising agency and came up with the band's name THIRSTY MOON, which originally was a brand-name for beer. Sometimes people misunderstood the band's name and said "Thursday Moon".

Thirsty Moon played nothing but their own material and due to the change of members occasionally their music was influenced by jazz.

Brain and Sky Records

In 1970 the record company Metronome founded the BRAIN label especially for German releases. This music got the nickname KRAUTROCK . Some of the bands on this label were Jane, Grobschnitt, Neu, The Scorpions and Thirsty Moon.

Four of the Thirsty Moon albums are Brain releases, the fifth is on Sky Records.

The first album called THIRSTY MOON was recorded and mixed by legendary sound-engineer and producer Conny Planck who also worked with ULTRAVOX and EURYTHMICS.

There have been lots of changes in the line-up of THIRSTY MOON after their first album. The third one called BLITZ was written and played by Norbert and Jürgen Drogies only.

Copies of these records are traded on EBAY again and again and the first and second album have been released on CD as bootlegs before.

2006 turned out to be the year of THIRSTY MOON re-issues. More…

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