Neil Armstrong is the first man to set foot on the surface of the moon.

The legendary Woodstock Festival takes place.

It is the season of LOVE AND PEACE. The sky is the limit


The album expresses the wish to catch the dreams of peace and freedom. The download version of this allbum contains as a bonus track the song "Woodstock", a cover version of Joni Mitchell's famous composition.

The idea

Five recordings (albums and live recordings on tape) of my former band THIRSTY MOON have been released - or re-released - on CDs and for download. This has encouraged me to continue with what I have added to TM's music in the past with the technical means of today.

Although the albums of BACK TO THE MOON are not genuine concept albums, there is always a specific idea running like a red line through the whole album.



The rooms behind your mind

I have always been interested in unconcious things that go on in one's head and have influence on our behaviour. Sometimes you may not be aware of what is really controlling your feelings and what influences your decisions.

The musical structure of this song is a little odd and that is why I still like it after all these years. I have written this song for the first album by THIRSTY MOON and I still like the original version containing Willi's crazy sax solo and H.W. Ranwig's excellent voice. My brother Norbert and Harald on Bass have been a very tight grooving rhythm section together with Erwin on his selfmade conga drums.

The new recording is my very own interpretation of this song and in no way nostalgic.



Street View

A camera is observing an ATM machine to keep robbers away. But also in super markets, at public places, even in busses and trains surveillance cameras are watching and recording. The vision of total supervision from George Orwell's novel „1984“ became reality decades later in a more subtle way. Mobile phones, GPS, satellites: „Big Brother is watching you“ every where.

That's what this album is all about, beginning with the ironical "Wave and smile" and ending with the sound collage of "Street View" which is also a tribute to Thirsty Moon's "Big City". No wonder sometimes gloomy sounds appear. BACK TO THE MOON is using mostly synthesizers and sampling technology, but the electric guitar and some vocal parts also belong to the powerful and diversified sound of the whole album.

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