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DJ Terry Hawke has presented a number of songs by Back to the moon on Radio HFM .


The album

COLORS OF THE SKY can be downloaded from iTunes, Amazon and lots of other download sites worldwide. You can also listen to the new tracks at Spotify, Apple Music and more.



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Player for prelistening EP, 4 songs.

Terry Hawke played "Wave and smile" on his show.
Station-ID by Lia Shapiro aka ALiEn TriBe.
Listen to a short part of the radio show here…

You can download the whole song from the well known online stores.


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DJ Terry Hawke (UK) plays the best sounds on the planet and beyond on his radio show "Hawke Chill Out Sessions" every Saturday between 22h and Midnight (British time, check your time zone!) Sometimes there is even a 10-hour show, Check it out at HFM!

The show is broadcasted by radio HFM 102.3 in GB and streamed worldwide over the internet. Here is the link to the live stream:

Radio HFM live stream


Wave and smile  

All four songs presented in detail. You can watch directly from YouTube in HD quality!

EP contains for songs.


More about this mini album here…

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The latest album and video!

Space View is an imaginary view from space to our planet. On this album BACK TO THE MOON releases one brand-new song and eleven other songs in remastered versions. Five of them have never been available for streaming before. Behind BACK TO THE MOON is Jürgen Drogies, one of the founders of THIRSTY MOON, a German Rock band with a long history. BACK TO THE MOON combines the spirit of Progressive Rock of the past with today's synthesizer sounds and grooves..


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